Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby Steps


It would sound more like an idle comment if he wasn't looking directly at her ass, wouldn't it? Superboy has that goody-two-shoes reputation to uphold, but every so often his true bitchiness seeps out. The thing to remember about Superboy is that on any given moment, he's this close to sounding exactly like a catty Southern debutante.

Not that Lana comes off much better here. Her big and utterly myopic plan is to move people from one part of the Rolling Inferno to another section of the same coaster. Which in a Chuck Jones cartoon would cause them to roll back into the flames. How's about just getting them completely off of the roller coaster, Lana? No? That would be too emotionally jarring for them? They need to "decompress"? Huh.

(Future headline in the Smallville Gazette: "Gravity Girl Unwilling to Set Deadline For Pullout of Passengers From Burning Roller Coaster.")

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