Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's Kind of Like "Vertigo," Only With More Robots


And he has a humongous chess piece in his lab because...? (What, is he subletting the joint from Windom Earle?)

Creepy? Hell yeah, it's creepy. Because he designed her, which means he selected the towering hair-do, the (even more) false eyelashes, and most of all that sexed-up get-up, which features a Vampira collar, a stained-glass wrestling belt, hotpants and go-go boots.


Yeah, you don't want the lipstick too dark. That would look cheap.


Ugh. I feel a little queasy. I think I'm going to have to lie down for a bit. *claps hands* Weight Wizard, attend me!


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

He's going to have sex with a machine. Sex with a machine! What kind of a crazy thought is that?

Johnathan said...

"Warren? Warren what are you doing in there? Do you have company?"

"Go away, Mom! I'm busy with my... 'research projects'"

Scipio said...

"And he has a humongous chess piece in his lab because...? "

There was a sale at the pawn shop.

Phillip said...

Twin Peaks reference! Yay!

Scipio- I.. >choke< I got nothing.

Actually, I was more concerned about that... thing hovering above the chess piece. Is that for her? Or for him? Either way, it's disturbingly large.

Blockade Boy said...

Jon: That was a crack about my robotic dingus, wasn't it? (Admittedly, that's better than a crack in my robotic dingus. But not as good as my robotic dingus in a crack. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all night.)

Jonathan: *narrator voice* "Warren Simms' robo-sex empire began as a one-man operation in a little garden shed, using only a jar of petroleum jelly and a mechanized "severed hand" from an after-Halloween clearance sale..."

Scipio: Or Diabolik had a garage sale!

Phillip: I think he wants her to do the "pose sexfully in a giant martini glass" thing, only more, y'know, intellectual...