Thursday, July 05, 2007

Give Me Balloon Inspection Or Give Me Death


Careful with the patter, Swifty! You're liable to start a riot! Y'see, if there's anything I learned from all the time I spent in 21st Century Wichita, Kansas (a.k.a. The Hand-Painted Anti-Abortion Roadsign Capital of the World) it's that Midwesterners love anything that's free! (Except access to abortion.) Take a look at how the prospect of a free balloon inspection affected that guy in the brown suit. From his posture, I'm pretty sure he just crapped his pants. (And yet his enthusiasm remains undimmed.)


Bill S. said...

Are they not letting Hank onto the balloon?

"We don't serve YOUR kind here!"

Jeremy Rizza said...

And yet they allowed a ventriloquist dummy in ahead of him! It's a travesty of justice, I tells ya!