Friday, July 06, 2007

Thanks, But I'd Rather Plummet To My Doom


But nobody knows that you're Superboy, Clark! And don't you want people to think Clark Kent is a pathetic screw-up anyway? I think you can handle a pretend social emasculation.

What really impresses me here is how Lana can tow the balloon downwards from one side without causing the basket to tip over and dump Clark out on his ass. (Tactile telekinesis? You decide!) And from the begrudging tone of his thank-you, I bet she really wants to.


Bill S. said...

Wait, is Lana trying to teach Clark a lesson by letting him know she could kill him anytime she wants if he crosses her again? Gawd, those two have such a screwed-up relationship!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure. Is that Gravity Girl saving Clark? Gravity Girl?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Bill S.: I know; it's like they're married already!

The Mutt: The text is quite murky on that point. Perhaps we'll never know!