Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Days You Ride the Balloon, and Some Days the Balloon Rides You


And the rest of Smallville's population just... watches. Smallvillians are great at that. Staring, gawking, gaping, peering, pointing... they've turned it into an artform! And this is before NASCAR hit it big, so a probable ballooning death has terrific appeal to these people. Will they ever be moved to action? Maybe. Eventually. Still, it's only that weak bookworm Clark Kent in the basket. Losing him won't have an effect on the Smallville High football program this year! He's not even on the team! Hell, he's not even towel boy! Nope, the general consensus in Smallville is that the town will do just fine without him. It'll be better, even. You know what? Maybe it's God's work. Yes, it's best to just do nothing.

Except watch.


Dave said...

They just don't want to get involved in the teenaged trauma of premature release.


What bugs me is the fact that this story would be significantly improved by adding some of the angst, sex, and violence nobody likes in their superhero comics anymore. Some part of me keeps wanting to turn Smallville into that town from "Blue Velvet".

Bill S. said...

Hank the Smallville Clown will lipsync to Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" for the price of a Natural Ice tall boy and a carton of Basic cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

If I remember right, Clark WAS the Smallville High towel boy.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Dave: I think that joke could use a *rimshot*. Want me to send Weight Wizard over?

Bill S.: And Mon-El shuffles about in a ratty bathrobe, mumbling "I've been places... I just want to stay where I am..."

The Mutt: So all of Smallville's devastating crime waves coincided with local sporting events?