Monday, July 30, 2007

Legion of Substitute Costumes: Double-Header

Double-Header: what is he good for? Absolutely nothin'. (Say it again.)

The Legion auditions are like your 21st Century reality shows. It's a cattle call. And alongside the talented folks who get turned away for not being good-looking dickweeds, there is another class of rejects. That would be the no-talent opportunists who know perfectly well there's no way no how they'd ever get into the Legion but they show up and make a scene so their names will get into the evening's holo-papers. Which is my way of saying that Double-Header is to the Legion what David Kenneth "Sex" Soller was to "So You Think You Can Dance."


Look, I know Double-Header. He's not a bad guy. And he's not dumb. And I've certainly never seen his left and right heads fight... like that anyway. Naw, they get along just peachy. (The left one is the dominant personality... the "Mary-Kate Olsen" of the pair, if you will.) It's an act, and Double-Header only auditioned in the first place to impress a girl. It didn't work, but he still gets called up by the media for a juicy quote whenever the Legion holds another round of auditions. I guess it wasn't a total loss.

How could I have made Double-Header a viable Legion prospect? It stumped me for a while, but then I found my hook: Triplicate Girl's Tri-Jitsu.


As seen in Double-Header's subsequent appearances, he had surgery to separate his fused skulls and give them independent mobility. So he can now look in opposite directions simultaneously. I think that'd make him a real boss martial artist. He could even invent his own fighting style! Like "Juduo" or "Kung-Two." The only catch is that he'd have to be a better fighter than Karate Kid to actually make it in! ...Or else Karate Kid would have to meet with a terrible debilitating accident. (I'm sure that could be arranged.)

Double-Header's costume incorporates the Yin-Yang symbol. I made it black-and-red instead of black-and-white because you don't see that as much, and it makes him look more like a tough customer. And yes, I suppose it's asymmetrical even though I've railed against asymmetrical costumes in the past. Criminy, I'm never going to live that down, am I? In my defense, I'd just like to say that by making the dominant color a neutral I keep the design from looking garish or clown-like, and also that rules are meant to be broken -- but only by a professional such as myself. I experimented with some hairstyles for Double-Header, most of them of the mohawk variety, but I finally decided he looked best with the shaved thing he already has going. However, I gave one head a killer biker 'stache and the other a sweet-ass goatee to help define them as individuals. Both sets of stylish shades were going to be red but I accidentally started inking one in and I decided I liked it better that way. He still might not get accepted by the Legion, but I bet he'd make for a cool bouncer at a nightclub!


Dave said...

Failing that, he could try prostitution.

I will leave the gory details to your depraved imaginations...

David Lawson said...

Notice that Double-Header didn't start arguing with himself until Saturn Girl pointed at him and gave him the psychic whammy to do so.

And why should two heads be a drawback? Shouldn't he get slightly better reasoning ability since he always has someone else to discuss ideas with?

On an unrelated note BB, I wish NCSoft would hire you to come up with costume pieces for City of Heroes/City of Villains. It would have come in handy yesterday when my Stalker on CoV got her second costume.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Man, those Legionares sure were snotty to everyone who they turned down. It's like the school dances at Jr. high all over again.

Great design, your version is clearly head and shoulders above the previous, nyuk nyuk.

Dr. Tectonic said...

Not everyone has the skull shape to pull off the bald look. He's doubly lucky to be able to pull it off!

I dig the shades and 'stache/goatee as ways of making his heads look different. I think that's pretty considerate of him, to go out of his way to make the monocephalic more comfortable talking to him like that.

(I'm sure it's just a trick of camera perspective, but his right thigh and upper arm both look really skinny. You might want to photoshop it a little if it's going into print...)

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I'm reading through the LoSH Showcase right now, and it's very enjoyable, but one think is clear: in the future everyone is a snobby douchebag

Chawunky said...

Sweet! Now he has only to resist the urge to graft on a third arm to help with his ski-boxing. He's already a hoopy frood who doesn't need to bite anyone else's style.

Blockade Boy said...

Dave: That was the first thing you thought of, huh?

David Lawson: Yeah, I wish NCSoft would hire me, too!

Jon: Thanks, and yeah, you nailed "the Legion experience" perfectly. That clubhouse is nothing but the "cool kids' table" with a roof over it.

Dr. Tectonic: You're totally right about not everybody being able to pull off a shaved head. Double-Header could only do it successfully after his cranial surgery. They filed a good three inches off the tops of his noggins. For what it's worth (i.e. not much), his arm and thigh aren't skinny; they're just a bit flat, and we're viewing them from an unflattering angle. I can't afford PhotoShop (or Illustrator) right now, sadly. Otherwise, I would have put a reflection on his left-most sunglass lens. Oh, well!

Gyuss Baaltar: Welcome to my world! (Like I should point fingers--!)

Chawunky: Haw! (And he knows where his towel is!)

Bill S. said...

Lefty is clearly the badass of the two.

I can't wait until you redesign Antenna Lad!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I have to say that I really enjoy your costume redesigns.

Have you ever thought about hosting a 'Project Runway of the 31st Century'? You could select a dozen or so lucky readers who want to join the contest (maybe using names of extras from the Legion comics) and give weekly costume redesigns. Then you could post their work on a certain day each week and offer critiques as you eliminate them one by one until only the best is left. Maybe the winner could be made a member of your pirate crew...

Anyway--it's just an idea I thuoght I'd bring up.

Blockade Boy said...

Bill S.: Oh, yeah. Even back in the day (when their skulls were fused) you wouldn't want to cross Lefty.

Anonymous: Thanks! Your "Project Runway of the 31st Century" idea sounds cool. Maybe someday but for now I've got too much on my plate. However, my recurring dreams hint that I will be having a reader-participation contest on this blog in a month or two (tying in with my space pirate storyline -- er, I mean "life path.")

Johnathan said...

I love how they shout "REJECTED!" at people. One of my favourite images of all time is Superboy looming over Infectious Lass, hollering out the word that crushes her dreams.

Not that I don't love Infectious Lass. It's just a great panel.

Blockade Boy said...

I bet the Giffen/Bierbaum era Infectious Lass took great pleasure in the fact that she had become an effective crimefighter while Superbory didn't even exist anymore!