Thursday, August 02, 2007

Necessary Roughness


Except you didn't have to tell her Iron Man was flying with you in the first place, Tony! Oh, tired "secret identity" trope, how I loathe you!

I see that Airport Security feels the same way as I do, because an officer is rushing over to Tony with a length of bamboo so he can cane the crap out of him.


Anonymous said...

Given the size of the airport runway and that staircase, I'm guessing that's just a toothpick.

Anonymous said...

Can't he just program the suit to walk on its own? That seems like something he should be able to do. I mean, if Superman can make robots that look human (or Kryptonian, as the case may be), you'd think a mechanical genius like Stark could make a robot that looks, well, like a robot.

Scipio said...

Actually, Tony, it'd be difficult for them NOT to leave the same plane...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I was going to say what Anonymous just said.

You could even take it a step further by having the Iron armor flt past the jet and maybe even give a jaunty wave or salute.

Dave said...

Or, claim that Shellhead has already landed and secured the arrivals lounge.

When I was a kid, I really, really wanted to like "Iron Man". I used to dick around with electronics and build radios and logic gates and the like, so I thought, "Hey, cool! A geeky superhero!"

Unfortunately, when I'd actually try to read an issue of Iron Man, I'd think, "Hey! Transistors don't work like that!" or "Reverse Magnetism? Wha-?". Plus, it had all the elements that seemed unforgiveably dopey about Superman, like the secret identity and silly resolutions of needless plot complications.

Let's not get into the issues I had with Marvel's Thor after reading up on Norse mythology...

Siskoid said...

My god, that's terrible perspective.

And great bit on the Big Monkey Podcast, Blockade Boy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm too much of a DC fan (and bad at Marvel timelines), but I vote for putting Rhodey in the suit. Notice how Marianne isn't asking about the pilot.

Blockade Boy said...

Anonymous: Ooh! Is there a hunk of cheese or a little smoked sausage on the end of it? Because that'd be what I call "hospitality!"

2nd Anonymous: Sounds like a good plan. Plus it could lead to more secret identity mix-up hi-jinx.

Scipio: Shush, you're harshing Tony's stupidity.

Dave: Heh. In superhero comics, transistors do whatever the hell you tell them to do.

Jon: I especially like the "jaunty wave" part. Maybe the remote control could be a little Iron Man action figure. Like a voodoo doll!

Siskoid: Thanks! I think it turned out okay, all things considered.

Anonymous the Third: Again, way too rational for this comic. But sure, why not? I don't think Tony had developed his drinking problem just yet (although I think it did start that year) but it hasn't stopped me from making jokes about it!

Siskoid said...

Speaking as someone with a radio background (I was a producer for 7 years on the French CBC), I compliment your voice. It's got real character.

Do with that what you will. :)

Anonymous said...

"Let's not get into the issues I had with Marvel's Thor after reading up on Norse mythology..."

Yeah, I know. What really bugs me is that they left out so many things that seem quintessentially superhero-ish. Iron gloves and a belt that boosts his strength. Imagine the comic book drama that could be caused by those items.

"By Odin's eyepatch! Megingjord, my legendary belt of strength, has been stolen by that crooked-mouthed lord of lies known as my blood-uncle Loki! How will I be able to wield Mjolnir against the Marauding Monkey of Muspellheim?!"

Uh, it's probably for the best that I'm not writing comics.

Blockade Boy said...

Siskoid: Wow! Thank you very much (he said in a warm, gravelly baritone)!

Anonymous: I hear ya, brother. Although I liked the way they tried to backpedal on the issue of Sif's hair and wound up reversing the sequence of her color. (Making her "originally" a blonde instead of a brunette.)