Friday, August 03, 2007

Waiting for the Other Balcony to Drop


So. If I understand this correctly, the balcony is disintegrating slowly enough for Tony and Marianne to deliver that pause-heavy dialog, and yet the people on the balcony are just standing there doing flagless semaphore poses* instead of trying to, oh, I don't know, run away. Or maybe they should just jump! Given the wonky perspective in this book, they're probably only three feet off the ground!

*I think at least two of them are in the middle of performing Wade Robson's "Waiting for the World to Change" choreography from last Tuesday's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance." Therefor and ergo, the balcony is collapsing from the weight of all the suck.

Also I think the lady on the far right is about to blow a kiss to Tony! *mmmWAH!* (Tony's got a gal (or five) in every airport!)


Nate said...

As deeply moving as this is, you've just admitted to watching "So You Think You Can Dance."

All respect is gone.

Anonymous said...

"The balcony is collapsing!"
"It's kinda slow, though. Are we in any danger?"
"Ah...Well, the doors are locked. We can't get back to the bar."
"No! Noooooooo!"
"Oh, wait. There's Tony Stark. He probably has an entire belt full of those tiny airline vodka bottles. We're saved!"
"Have my babies, Tony!!"

But the big question: From which source is the RRRUMMBLE coming? The airport patio or Marianne's rac--err, shoulder?

Dave said...

Here's an even more egregious example from the old-skool X-Men. (Swiped from this very amusing post on "Dave's Long Box".) It seems to have been a part of the Marvel house style at the time...

What's really interesting is that crap like dialogue time dilation and science made stupid and bad art tends to fade into the background if the story is any good. Reading a reprint volume of the first Golden Age Superman stories really hammered this home for me -- the stories weren't just dumb, they were dumb and fun.

So, if this were a Spider-man story, I'd bet money that no-one would notice -- but then, I'd also be that something cool would have already happened.

Isaac said...

Please tell me that at the bottom of the preceding panel, there were red block letters that said, "LET'S GET RREADY TO..."

Bill S. said...


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I did have one of those times where everything stood still and I got to wave my arms and say "Oh my God, Oh my God! Catch her! Oh my God!" for about five minutes when my daughter fell off a stool.

Don't worry, she's feeling much better now.

Bully said...

Too bad that an earthquake struck right at the hotel where they're hosting the "Act out the cover of your favorite Beatles album" convention.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gyuss Baaltar: I take it you're more of a "Dancing with the Stars" fan.

Anonymous: Haw! Why couldn't they have gotten you to write the dialog in this comic? (Assuming you were even born then.)

Dave: What th'?! That's just nuts. The bad guy must have driving at about two miles per hour!

Isaac: Well, that boxing announcer guy does have a pretty loud voice! It's his fault the balcony is crumbling. (And Ella Fitzgerald broke the window.)

Bill S.: Hey, if they're doing jazz hands, let 'em fall.

Jon: You should have tried cushioning her landing with thought bubbles!

Bully: Bwah! Or maybe they're old-school rap fans. Two of them have put their hands in the air as if they did not care.

Bill S. said...

Actually, it looks like they got interupted during "YMCA". We have the "y" and the "c", but the other two are slackers!

Siskoid said...


So You Think You Can Dance reference.