Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Welcome to Carmine Infantino Memorial Airport


Holy balls, what a racket! Did a howler monkey get lodged in the wheel well? Are Tony and Marianne finally gettin' it on? Is the runway constructed of squeaky styrofoam? Is there a Pussycat Doll just off-panel? I can't take it! As Slasher would say, I must use my HANDS... to cover my EARS! Stand back, Demitrius! ('Cause I move my arms in a broad, sweeping manner...)


Bill S. said...

I thought you said something was going to happen? Just curious, but at this point what page are we on? Because if I were a 12 year old reading this when it originally came out, I would be seriously ticked off. We have yet to see any sign of lobster-antlers! Clearly decompression isn't a recent thing.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Ah, but that's why I qualified it with "possibly." We're on the second panel of six on page five. (It says "six" on the bottom but they were counting the ad pages.) Something definitely happens on the last panel of this page. For realsies. Also, we'll finally get to see Iron Man in action -- flying around to the accompaniment of another "awesome" Gerry Conway sound effect -- on the last panel of the following page.

(I hear you about the decompression. If Jerry Siegel had written this story it'd be over by now!)

Dave said...

So I cheated, and googled for a synopsis of this turkey.

I won't "spoil" the "fun", such as it is.

An almost certain indicator of hackwork is when revealing later story developments ruins the story. There are very few exceptions, and they generally involve the author deliberately providing the reader incorrect or biased information. Going by the summary I read, there are no such artistic touches in this stinker.

Assuming what I've read is accurate, this story is gonna be a brain-breaking series of Ass Pulls.

Speed kills, kiddies! Don't write comics when you're tweaking...

Jeremy Rizza said...

DWhat makes it even "better" is that even one of the story's characters complains about being let down by the events of the tale's climax, saying (in effect) "That's it? You've gotta be freakin' kidding me!"