Thursday, August 02, 2007

Really, Any Day Now, Something is Going to Occur


They're working for Kevin Kline?!

Naw, can't be that. As villain names go, though, "Mister Kline" doesn't have much oomph. Sounds more like a bitchy fashion critic than a would-be world conqueror. I'm picturing a spindly, aging man in a navy blazer with an ascot and a jaunty captain's hat. One hour earlier he sent Slasher and Demitrius on their way: "Into the moist Washington afternoon, my harlequins of righteousness! Soon the city -- nay, the very world will know what I think of that gown Angie Dickinson wore to the Emmy's!" (Aaannd cue nasal yet maniacal tittering.)


Anonymous said...

You remind me of the vaguely fey, self-satisfied con artist from the MST3K classic Catalina Caper:

"Lawrence, will you put that down, pleeease!"

Next thing we know Slasher will be attempting to hide a treasure map or some dang thing from those industriously meddling, be-swimsuited teenagers.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Maybe Kevin Kline is really hacked off about being in Wild, Wild, West. After a career of playing interesting and quirky characters in Sophie's Choice, Dave, and of course Fish Called Wanda (I'll spot you Pirates of Penzance), he then gets into that crapfest movie.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Chawunky: And Marianne is the Creepy Girl!

Jon: Heh. I kind of really hated him (and everybody else) in Pirates of Penzance. I thought he was great in "I Love You to Death", "Princess Cariboo" and "The Ice Storm." But "The Pink Panther" would be enough to make anybody turn to a life of crime!