Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Not the Worst Break-Up I've Ever Seen


"That girl...! She's got one sweet caboose!" Snap out of it, Iron Man! Eyes on the prize. No, not that one. But yes, she is quite a shapely lass and I bet she's available now that she knows her boyfriend transforms into a sarcastic dillweed in times of crisis. (That's definitely the kind of thing you want to find out before marriage.) Also, judging from his face "Danny" is Moon Boy from the "Devil Dinosaur" comic, all growed up and waxed to high heaven! (Danny and Christine's first fight ended with him throwing his own feces at her.)


Bill S. said...

"That girl...!"

...Marlo Thomas?

Dave said...
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Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

But I thought the structure was only 7 or so feet high. You can't die from a fall like that. Well, OK you can, but everyone at the funeral will laugh.

Anonymous said...

Forget about Iron Man--Danny's the real hero of this story. Scoring a girl that looks like her when he's drawn in eerily Kirbyesque style and still able to make sarcastic jabs at his honey's nagging when she might die? Wow!

Of course, she's going to give Tony her phone number and subtly suggest that Danny have an atomizing "accident" in a few minutes, but hey!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Bill S.: Ouch. Or maybe it's Mary Tyler-Moore and she had a freak hat-throwing-up-in-the-air accident.

Jon: ...and as the hilarity dies down, everyone is silent for a minute. Finally the priest shrugs, "Well, let's go ahead and plant this jackass, huh?"

Anonymous: Danny's secret? One of them hypnotizin' coins from the ads in the back of a Charlton comic.