Saturday, September 15, 2007

Extreme Blockadeover: Dr. Tectonic, Part Two

My "Extreme Blockadeover" contest ends tonight at midnight, so don't put it off any longer! Stop being tormented by the alluringly handsome image of me that haunts your every waking hour... scribble it down and e-mail it to me, before you lose your goddamn mind!

They say you always remember your first... contestant, so I was pleased as punch to get a revised costume design from none other than Dr. Tectonic! I've got fashion fever and the only prescription is a new outfit! What do you prescribe, Dr.?
Okay, you got one more out of me. Seeing what worked and didn't work for everyone else was very educational, so I decided to give it one last try. Especially since everyone has now learned the word "crenellations"!

Even reduced to a headband, the hat really wasn't working, so away it went. Kept the gloves and boots, of course, and the knee-guards; why not? The facial hair is a little exotic, but I think it's handsome. I wasn't really expecting the shirt to do what it did -- it just kinda happened -- but I'm pretty pleased with it.

And of course, you needed A CAPE because they are awesome. It looks a little dorky in the picture because I had to position a fan to blow on it so you could see the shape; the natural drape of the fabric is normally much better. Please note that I steadfastly resisted temptation and did NOT give you little round tower-tops epaulets for the attachment points. The cape is held on with buckles like the ones on the boots and gloves.

You also might not be able to see the waistline of the pants very well because THE MODEL'S HANDS ARE IN THE WAY, HELLO! It's the crenellation motif again.

Please note also that the only offensive capability you have here is your natural charm, so make sure you only go up against foes who might be, y'know, into you if you use the old masculine wiles; fortunately, in this outfit, that should work pretty well.
You forget, Dr. Tectonic, that the guys who aren't "into me" (and technically I'm "into" them, a-thank you very much) are scared shitless by my raw masculinity so I can work the hero thing from that angle as well. But that's a minor quibble. Let's see what you came up with!


I wasn't totally sure about this one, but then I realized I could drape the cape over my shoulders like you kind-of suggested, and that gave it the color balance it needed. And now I really love this design! Plus, the hair is bangin'. It's a sleek, smart costume all the way around.

Good work, buddy! This is one for the "maybe" pile!

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