Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Your Memories Have Just Been Sold

bbinstinctblurbmediumYour corrupt, ramshackle 21st Century press machine has at last seen fit to publish an article on yours truly, in this month's issue of "Instinct." Go buy a copy, or I'll know, somehow. Go on. Right now! Git! I don't care if you're in Uruguay or whatever. Get your ass on a plane and fly someplace th' dang magazine is available! It's your blogtriotic duty.

Okay, fine. Here's a big image of the blurb.


The writing's okay, I suppose, but I wish people would stop attributing my blog to Jeremy Rizza. Okay, so I crashed at his old pad for a year-and-a-half and he let me use his computer, and I'm still accessing it now, from my glorious future world that you filthy Neanderthals couldn't even begin to comprehend, but that doesn't make him the blog's "author." Why is that so hard for everybody to understand?

I don't really like that picture they used of me, either. That one's from a few months ago, when I was messing around with a re-design of one of my older costumes, just to see if I wanted to cover up my cyborg legs. I decided against it. And my eyes look crazy. Probably from staying up for a solid week working on the damn thing, with only coffee and Weight Wizard's travel-sized hotness to keep me going.

Also, no way, no how am I "bitchy." Storm Boy is bitchy. When you're as big and hairy and as reeking of testosterone (and certain other intoxicating aromas) as I am, you're "gruff" or "saturnine" or "a harsh taskmaster" and that's that.

"...even more bitchily than Mr. Blackwell." Damn it...


Anonymous said...

This deserves a response of more than one word, but: Great!

And don't worry. We all know the truth. If they get some facts wrong, well, DC thinks you're dead.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Cool, congrats. When you're all big and famous, don't forget us little people. I mean, we can do all kinds of stuff for you like squeegeing your limo's windshield and punching the paparazzi and stuff.

Anonymous said...

"I wish people would stop attributing my blog to Jeremy Rizza"

Wow--it's worse than that, even. Rizza's actually taking credit for your work now. What a bastard. Let's fuck him up.

Scipio said...

Zowie! That's HOT STUFF, BB!


Anonymous said...

Schweet! Congrats, BB!

And that's a good picture, honestly. The costume may be a re-design, but it's flattering, and your eyes look fine.

I think they're a little confused about the 'Pride parade', though.

Have you prepped Tusker for all the mash notes he's going to get from comics-loving bears?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Anonymous: Heh. That's an excellent point!

Jon: Don't worry; I'm compiling a list. I have you down for "Cootie carrier" (if that's okay).

Justin: You go right ahead. I got your back! Just be careful, I understand he's been weight-lifting for the last two months and has some "guns" goin' on right now. My advice? Just punch him in the 'nads. Works every time.

Scipio: Thanks! For what it's worth, I credited you for my blog's initial rise in popularity, but it got left out of the article along with 75% of the stuff I said.

Dr. Tectonic: Thanks... I always was my own worst critic. As for Tusker... haw! I hadn't even thought about that! And it's not going to get any easier for Tusker on that front any time soon -- not with the new costume I've designed for him! I'll post it tomorrow or Friday.

Anonymous said...

Whoa hey. My belated combolations, Elizagerth.

Phillip said...

Congrats, BB!

MaGnUs said...

Wow, kudos!