Friday, September 14, 2007

Extreme Blockadeover: Nicolas M., Part Two

Nico was nice enough to send me a revision of his original costume design, based on my comments!
Instead of working on the many, many things I needed to get accomplished tonight, I played a little bit with the costume design keeping your advice in mind.
I got rid of the flash of bare leg because I decided that shorts would look silly with boots that high, and I wanted to keep the boots.

I couldn't decide on an appropriate logo, so I just used a simple star, cause your a star baby! (or maybe 'cause it's a pre-existing brush shape in photoshop elements and I am too tired to try for something freehand).

It's still a very simple looking design, but I like it. Thanks for having the contest. This has been fun.


Nice! I like this a whole lot better, Nico. The addition of a purple "imperial" soul patch in the middle of that close-cropped orange beard is a great little detail. And I see you managed to draw in the chest hair without a sink hole swallowing up your house or a flock of rabid canaries attacking you.

Congratulations! It's goin' in the "maybe" pile!

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