Monday, September 10, 2007

L'il Gerry Conway and the Eastside Boyz


Why yes, it is "KRUNK", isn't it?

Slasher really isn't into the whole "banter" thing. Mainly because it takes time away from his soliloquizing. (This just in: sources report that Slasher was wedded to the sound of his own voice this past weekend, in a grim Socialist ceremony in the crater of a smoking volcano.) Check it: in the second panel, Iron Man turns Slasher's attempted filibustering into a charming bit of overlapping dialog that wouldn't sound out-of-place in "The Philadelphia Story." Take that, "Fingers"!


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Ooops, I think that top balloon wasn't supposed to be coming from Iron Man, unless he's adding his own sound effects, which I do sometimes. Makes walking to the kitchen for a piece of toast that much more exciting.

Anonymous said...

Only Tony Stark could dish off a Spiro Agnew dig as a side dish to a Krunk shot. Iron Man was the Dennis Miller of his day--a kick-ass Dennis Miller!

Dave said...


Oh well, enough quoting from better comics. Jon already picked up on the technical fuck-up in the second panel, and yes, indeedy, it appears "joycore" meant half-assed imitations of Spider-Man back in the musty mists of Marvel history.

This story is making the saga of Gravity Girl look like fine art.

For some reason, I think this tale of Darkhawk is a useful reminder that Marvel kept beating this color dead horse into paste well into the 90's.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon: Yeah, it's all screwed up, but I almost can't blame the letterer. He has to paste all of Conway's dialog into Tuska's action-filled, perspective-deficient panels. If Iron Man hadn't knocked Slasher down like that, there wouldn't be any room at all!

Justin Garrett Blum: Heh. I just saw the Iron Man trailer, and somehow wisecracking Tony Stark works much better there, maybe because he's not pretending he's not a jackass.

Dave; Yikes. That Darkhawk story was... bleak. Just boring, ugly crap. (Sorry, Darkhawk fans... this is just one man's opinion.) As for Conway, I found a few choice words for him from a Jerry-Siegel-written character that I'll post at the conclusion of this story, and I think it jibes pretty well with what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

I hope Slasher survives the fracas to start a greeting card company. Day of Borning cards are hard to find, especially those that are so brilliantly composed as:

The relationship ends
On its Day of Borning.
(open card)
Who a dead man?

Good thing Fingers (heh) isn't nearly as long-winded and content-free as Iron Man or Demetrius, right?

The krunkin' is looking pretty good, too.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Sweet idea! I hope the card has one of those little sound chips in it, too! (For the ear-splitting wail.)