Friday, September 14, 2007

Extreme Blockadeover: Phillip Ginder

Phillip Ginder sent in a quartet of designs (okay, technically it was a trio) that show off my awe-inspiring pelt to full advantage. Take it away, Phil!
Okay, I keep seeing all these costume designs on your blog, so I said, "What the hell!".
The first two are the same with different backgrounds. Pretty simple stuff, big tough boots paired with lots of hairy flesh is a look I thought you might enjoy. I was inspired to do these by Lydean Kind's "belly shirt" design, actually. I liked the crenelations on the bottom of the shirt but not the shirt itself. What I was trying to get at with these designs was sort of the "inverse" of that; covered belly, exposed pecs, + crenelation. My artistic skills leave much to be desired and HeroMachine wasn't giving me what I wanted so it ended up as these sorta Captain America stripes.
(I decided to only show one of the first two designs he sent in, since the background was the only difference between them.)


Interesting, but the equal distribution of orange and purple makes my eyeballs itch. Also, I'm not really sure what's going on with the orange highlights on the purple shorts and boots. Is it supposed to be iridescent, kind of?
The third & fourth pics have matching gloves & belt if that sort of thing is important to you. I personally like the shorter gloves.


I dunno... the main part of the costume is so close to looking like a girdle anyway that it almost needs the bigger gloves to distract from it. Hmm.
The fourth pic is a little closer thanks to MSPaint, but really I don't like the stripes too much. I'll try and refine it and send you another one, but I think you get the idea. (Imagine solid orange w/ purple crenelation.)


This is better (and I'm looking forward to your revision) because the crenelation makes for a more interesting silhouette. Exactly how would the crenelation be purple? Would it be like a thick outline, maybe? Because the stripes/bars just ain't workin' for me. Anything else you'd like to add, Phil?
Oh yeah, the hair! The hair & beard is based on my own because I have no imagination. I actually have about 1/8th of an inch of hair on my head 'cause fully bald looks kinda crappy with my skull, but obviously you don't have that problem.:) My beard pretty much looks like this but it isn't orange.

Hope you like the designs!

-Phill (aka devojane, aka devophill)
The beard is great, and of course a dude with a beard like that would have an ever-present cigar. (Even Peter David's Aquaman had a cigar, but he could never smoke it because, y'know... he was underwater.)

I'll have to pass on this batch -- reluctantly -- but it sounds like your upcoming revision has a lot of potential.

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Phillip said...

Thanks a lot, BB! I'll try to work up a revision for ya. You know, we have purple/orange iridescent material (I think it's some type of vinyl) available in the 21st century. It looks pretty much like I depicted it here.