Tuesday, September 04, 2007

658 Windows in the Capital Building, and He Uses None of Them


Iron Man--! Buddy, c'mon! There was a window, like, ten inches below where you tore through the roof! Is that fold-up George Jetson armor of yours so durable you can just pound through walls just to make yourself look cool? I'm having trouble buyin' that, because one piece of plaster falls on you and you freak out like Omarosa on season one of "The Apprentice." Not to mention you can't do three jumping jacks in that get-up without completely draining your batteries. Hell, the impact of your little stunt has apparently sledgehammered your skull halfway into your chest and crushed your legs until they're Posh Spice-sized. Of course, you're so jacked up on your own ego the pain receptors haven't started firing yet. But they will.

So focus up and cool it with the "mad trix", showboat.

I'm onto you.


Nate said...

hmmm...suddenly he has a giant chest and no feet. Did Liefeld sneak in here for a panel?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Only if he has access to a time machine, which... no, the implications are too horrible to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

I like to think the head was temporarily retracted so he wouldn't get any plaster dust in his eyes.

But, "OK, in this panel, Tony is going to fly through the roof of the Capitol. We need a sound effect that conveys the crushing and crashing of marble or stone or whatever it's made from. Whaddya got?"


Also, note the Iron Nipples. We haven't seen much of those creepy accessories this story.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Maybe the paste-up guy stuck the sound effect on partly-upside-down, and it's supposed to read "WWOOHA!"

Okay, so maybe not.