Sunday, September 02, 2007

Blockade Boy: Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

On NewsRadio, "capitalist lion-tamer" Jimmy James' best-selling autobiography had been translated into Japanese, but he tried to finagle yet more profit from his book by having it translated from Japanese back into English. The result? A dadaist tome containing passages like this:
"I had a small house of brokerage on Wall Street. Many days no business come to my hut. But Jimmy has fear? A thousand times no. I never doubted myself for a minute for I knew that my monkey-strong bowels were girded with strength like the loins of a dragon ribboned with fat and the opulence of buffalo dung."
Well, I just noticed that one of my blog's recent posts was linked by a supposedly German site. Don't click on it, though. It's just a trick to advertise discount pharmaceuticals. All the ads are in English, and apparently they just randomly link to blogs to get folks to click back to their own skeevy site. The bastards. However... they translated my post into German. How accurately? Hell if I know. So I thought it would be fun to see how Altavista's Babel Fish program would translate it back into English... Jimmy James style! I was not disappointed! Let us enter "the gorilla fog" and savor the strudel-fied epic that is the re-re-translated "Becalmed Before the Storm"! (Or "Calmed Down Before the Storm" as the Germans like to say.)
"Of the diary by rainbow girl on 23 August, 2987:

everything screwed on.

The large messages? We are at random. Despite steady instructions in the opposite, Tusker found its way into the engine room. After there, it brought it finished to bury the famous doubling plutonium Espresso of a whole gallon the Bismoll the MacMattercuddy into the reactor chamber the one nuclear chain reaction caused, which has melted the core and the hauptmaschine destroyed. We run on strengthstrength strength now directly, therefore the whole lighting is darkly and also RED for no good reason except blockade boys must think that it looks at, "cools down" or something. The machinemachine machine operated by a small hand cranks, which each hour must be turned. Kind of a pain. I will for Tusker makes it to make however I are fearfully it BECAME BREAKING IT off. Oh, and I have we mentioned "to put tiefpunkt" in the gorilla fog, am distant from inhabited planets and act routes? Oh, we are rather perhaps screwed.

I snagged storm boy to help me to solve some ways in order to work the destroyed machine. But now that he is on the car, it is really kind of manisch and useless, and it cannot concentrate for beans. Each piece of the machinery which it has put its eyes on has suggested a strange and unpractical new invention to it. I wanted only the ship to have a working machine and he continued a troubling me with rhapsodies approximately banana clips that hypnotisierten electronically head in working as a lucrative miniature circus measuring ELT, or a Kombinationvakuumdudelsackpfeife, which play music, while you clean. And in the center requiring of all THAT to know Gewichtzauberer, which is appeared in a naked panic, where we kept the Brechstange. And as we it why asked, has it only at its feet down looked at and said, ' no reason ' has.

A few hours later and with very little excellent storm boy and I by the galeere for a breakfast swung. And there were Gewichtzauberer. I could tell immediately that something had operated, because he carried dresses. And it was many friendlier than usual. Normally I cannot receive two words from him. (it is of the blasierten still frosty types... which it always hangs on storm boys, and usually if I try to speak with it it either will say that nothing will grinsen at all or it, and something will whisper, boys to blocking. It provokes). Oh, and even more suspiciously, he tried to make Smalltalk. As we were old friends. But there was something around its eyes, which seemed STARTING FROM. It has bowl shocked looked at. Thus did I ask only it directly, ' where am blockade boy '?

It twitched. ' I am safe it am around here somewhere '. I have to become it asked, if blockade boy were still approximately umgestuerzt, selected starting from next highest hero. He laughed roaring reumuetig. Then it genuschelt something around blockade boy, who has, ' larger material, over to worry '.

In the moment blockade boy slammed shut by the swinging doors. It dragged itself even front on two of its best, the anmassendsten pipes. And the techno organic bug, which had stuck on its legs and dingus, had taken over its arms, shoulders, and much its Torso!

It gehumpelt, over Zauberer to weights, and they argued in calmed tones around something or other. I am rather reliably the word "dingus" used geredt approximately. I have to exist it interrupted that blockade boy goes too sickbay for a detailed investigation. Then storm boy has ME through out-burst with interrupted ' you to look HELLA COOLS down on '! It had its own expression. Kind of a surprised smile, like a child on the first day of Klordney.

It examines showed that all organic and mechanical subject, which became environment mixes itself in blocks the lower half of boys HAD DISAPPEARED everything under its waist a cavity, jointed bowl leaving. How the doll of a belly speaker! Furthermore its magnetically codpiece merged into its hook, where its dingus had been robot technical. And the remainder of it -- bone, nerve ends, courses and faechelt volumes -- tree ELT only there within its chest! In order to be honest, there is no scientific explanation for, why it blocks boys is even STILL LIVING PERSON. It is uncanny. And Gewichtzauberer did not take it well. AT ALL. Blockade boy will try to place its arm around it for support, and Gewichtzauberer to try to shake off therefore blockade boy then its OTHER arm around it place it and stop weights the arm of Zauberer it can leave in such a way there goes, and then the two of them where blocking boy will also always go in the reason of WALZER wants DANCING. It is awkward.

I do not know, what continues.

But whatever it is, it can terminate not possibly well ".


Anonymous said...

That is rather perhaps quite funny.

But I've always been a sucker for bad translation humor.

"Jet Jaguar? Jet Jaguar!"

MaGnUs said...

Reminds me of one of my pet peeves over at my blog, when writers try to have characters speak Spanish...