Thursday, September 06, 2007

I.M. So Glad We Had This Time Together


Much as Carol Burnett used to secretly give a "shout out" to her grandmother by tugging on her ear, Iron Man likes to acknowledge various bystanders he's bedded with a similar gesture. Many a lass (and lad!) has spotted Iron Man weaving tipsily through the troposphere and wondered, "Does he recall that glorious night we spent in (Palm Springs/Omaha/the Motel 6/that abandoned rendering plant/a fugue state)?" And then they see Iron Man giving the "signal" (even as his metal faceplate remains infuriatingly sphinx-like). Their spirits soar, the sun seems to shine a little more brightly, and their day seems suddenly rich with promise. With beaming smiles, they return the signal... and then they see (on average) eight other people, from all walks of life, smiling up at Iron Man and doing the exact same thing.


Anonymous said...

Oh. Iron Man isn't chasing down any "signal." He's trying to find Young Gerry Conway, or at least the irritating narrator that keeps talking to him like he's a bitter shrew of an ex-girlfriend. "You're just off on your little adventure, and have no idea what the Senator's doing. That's so typical, Tony. Your thoughts are always centered on something in your earphones. What about my needs!?"

"Ear-splitting wail that rings insanely high." Yeah, I get it, now.

Dave said...

"Ow, my head! That's the last time I drink blended scotch!"