Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We Are Not Amused

...Aw, who am I kiddin'? I was laughing my ass off. Gyuss Baaltar sent me this costume design, prefacing it with:
attached are my ideas for the blockadeover. I thought someone ought to show a costume both in casual and "powered on" mode.

Sorry for the crayon, they don't like us to have pens in here.
Here's the "costume" (Justice is coming, and it wears Converse All-Stars!) in my reg'lar brawling humanoid mode:


And here it is in my "wall" form:


They let this guy teach skydiving?! The man is a Coleman Francis movie just waiting to happen! (He feels real free up there, in the high blue sky...)

Of course my powers don't work like that, thank the Luck Lords. Maybe in the "Tiny Titans" universe. Man, would Blockade Tot ever rock their world...!


Anonymous said...

Coffee? I like coffee.

There's something I just like about this. It could almost be your uniform in that universe where Ed Nigma's still rocking a green pullover with a duct-tape question mark on it...

And I mean that in a GOOD way!

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd thought of this. I can't beat that.

MaGnUs said...

Gyuss, he's a steel wall, not a brick wall (even though he IS mighty mighty).

Nate said...

a steel wall...a steel wall...I knew I should have pulled my reference copy of Adventure Comics #345.

When I'm good they let me have access to my comic book collection.

Sloppy joes today!

MaGnUs said...

Say hi to Star Man for me.