Tuesday, August 28, 2007



Whenever Tony Stark speaks, you be certain of one thing: a deep, restful sleep. And Tony's smug baritone will always drown out the assembled congressmen's snores, teeth-grinding, and dream-induced muttering and gibbering ("Spiro... dearest Spiro... no, not here... what if my wife finds out, Spiro...?")

You'll note that Tony has decided to go with ironic self-effacement for his defense, co-opting the anti-establishment sentiment of the time. He was a real pioneer in that sense. Tony's aw-shucks routine might seem quaint to you Early 21st Centurians, what with massive soul-crushing corporations selling prepackaged "rebellion" and "liberalism" to the hipster masses on a daily basis. ("We're an oil company that cares about the environment!" No, if you really cared about the environment, then you wouldn't be an oil company.) But from my perspective (from the glorious 30th Century) the corporations still appear remarkably untangled from your other social institutions. For example, Storm Boy's and Dynamo Kid's wedding took place in beautiful Our Lady of General Electric Cathedral, and the ceremony was presided over by a guy in a Hamburgler costume (as is tradition).


Anonymous said...

Poor Spiro! And poor Senator Blonde seated inside Tony's fly! I guess you have to expect that sort of thing when your Senate hearings meet at a cabaret.

"...must needs prove futile and unnecessary"? Sing it, brother! But at least Tony's making the "I have no idea what's going on--it could be flaky polka-dot-jumpsuited terrorists for all I know!" gesture while Senator Noname grumbles to himself.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Tony could have saved everybody a lot of time if he'd just stood up, shrugged, said "Who knew?!" and sat back down.