Saturday, September 01, 2007

Extreme Blockadeover: Dr. Tectonic

The H.M.S. Exquisite is nearing civilized space, so I bet we're finally close enough to a transmitting satellite for my e-mail to start working again. ...Yup! Hmm. Mostly spam. No, I don't need any herbal supplements or inertron-trading tips right now. And no, I'm really not in the mood to see any "farm-studs gone wild at Manna-5's Harvest Week." (Ask me again in a couple of hours.) Freakin' spam... hey! Jeremy forwarded me something from Dr. Tectonic! Costume designs? Sweet! Let's take a gander!


The good Dr. writes:
"What ho, a costume contest entry!

Because nothing says "blockade" like crenellations! (And a dashing musketeer mustache.)

It still needs a little something more. I was thinking a very small trebuchet on top of the head, but they're devilishly hard to miniaturize, and quite frankly I don't know how to draw one. You could probably use ballistae, though. Yes... a whole array of remote-controlled micro-ballistae, one between each merlon! Give you some offensive firepower to go with your superb defensive capabilities!

Not sure how you'd reload them, though. Might have to train mice, but they're always leaving crumbs about.

Well, that's why it's generally worth the cost to pay a professional to do your costume. Ask someone like me and you end up with mice in your hat, shields on your knees, and buckles all over the place. Suppose I should stick to tinkering with the old Earthquake Projector Ray, eh?"
What an exuberant design! It's unabashed! And I respect that.

The good: I love the idea of crenellation. (And now I know what it's called!) I'm especially intrigued by the crenellation tattoo. The square neckline shows off my lush chest hair to good effect. The boots and gloves are awesome. The knee crests are a nice touch. The Musketeer facial hair is awfully dandy-ish, but you know what? I could definitely rock that! Oh, hell yeah. And I like the overall color scheme. ...I suppose I should have mentioned this before, but I'm certainly willing to consider other color combos besides orange/purple. And bravo to you, Dr. Tectonic, for striking out on your own like that.

The bad: That hat. Wow. I see what you were going for there, but it would make me look too much like an extra in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." I can also see Cootie curling up in it and falling asleep. And then I'd have to train Cootie to operate the trebuchet, because she sure as hell would kill and eat the mice. What else? Too many belts. I think one wide belt, even if it had multiple buckles, would have worked better. And I'm not sure about the crenellation on the arm-holes. (It's Li'l Abner Chic!) Still, great attempt.

But wait, here's another entry from Dr. Tectonic!


Dr. Tectonic says:
"Okay, it started out with the silly hat, but the rest of it turned out better than I expected. So here's a different hat and an anchor beard, which is much more flattering than the musketeer (suave as musketeering is).

Note also that there should be some patterning on the shirt and suchlike that makes it look kind of like stonework, but I can't quite manage it.

I still don't know what to do about the mice."
It's Ultimate Jughead!

I like the anchor beard just fine, but the hat is still a problem. (And from your message I'm guessing you feel the same way.) Adding a stone pattern might make this design too literal. Unless it was stylized and maybe faded out in the center or on the sides of my torso. Still, something to consider.

Dr. Tectonic has thrown down the (crenellated) gauntlet! What brave soul will be next to offer up a design? I'm trembling with anticipation! No, wait, it's just because the air conditioning is on and I'm not wearing a shirt. *arranges beard to cover shoulders*


Anonymous said...

I really like the color schema on these.

Anonymous said...

*Snerk!* It is very Ultimate Jughead. I think the hat might work if it were reduced to just a headband. I couldn't quite get it there.

Yeah, you wouldn't want to go overboard with the stone pattern. I was kinda thinking bars across a gate with the belts, but it's hard to convey that.

I showed the design to my boyfriend and he said, "He's really gay." To which my response was "Yes. Yes, he is."

Glad you liked it!

Skeleton Munroe said...

The Jughead beanie is due for a comeback.

Anonymous said...

Ultimate Jughead. hee hee.

That first design looks like it could have come out of The Tick. I like it, but it makes Blockade Boy look a little bit like a too-literal parody of the real Blockade Boy. Interesting idea though.