Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not All That Much Time to Lose (by special guest blogger Storm Boy)


stormboyhead0807"For words have a habit of passing away in a time of action...!" Not in this comic, they don't!

Sorry, folks... Tony can't save anybody right this minute. He's not dressed for it! I'm picturing Tony sprinting past folks who are already half-buried in rubble, stepping on elderly/disabled/just-plain-clumsy individuals who had the bad fortune to fall in his path, slapping away the grasping hands of those in need... y'know. Hero stuff. And that "sonic cry"? It'll be just as "loud and clear" despite the screams of all the crushed senators and pages he ignores as he looks for a bathroom or a janitor's closet or whatever.

Hey! Wouldn't it be kind of super-hilarious if he'd grabbed the wrong briefcase? He's in a men's room stall and he flips open the briefcase and all that's inside is that morning's Washington Post, a mechanical pencil, some condoms, a pack of smokes and a couple of porno mags. Okay, so it would have to be a lot of porno mags to equal the weight of his Iron Man suit, but try to work with me here. AAAANNNYway, Tony would just look at all that, shrug, murmur "This works for me, too!" and sit down.

I think we all know it.


Skeleton Munroe said...

That would be the end of Iron Man. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Proof? Proof!? I thought we were going to ignore the facts to establish innocence. Pick a platform, Tony!

And I beg to differ, Storm Boy. Every time one of those captions or endless thought balloons stroll by, words indeed pass away. Looking over the reports, "beforetime" and "soothly" are only the most recent casualties of this disaster. Poor, poor words.

But yeah, with the wrong briefcase, Tony'll just scrape Senator Fogey off his boot, kick back, and hope nobody notices.

Viking Zombie Boyfriend said...

Jonathan: But what a way to go!

Anonymous: Well, I never really thought about it that way before. *plays poignant "Afterschool Special" music on Electric Sousasaxotimpanibone (I rebuilt it!)*