Saturday, September 01, 2007

Extreme Blockadeover: Chawunky

The costume contest submissions are multiplying, fruitfully! (Take that as you will.) Here's one from Chawunky, who writes:
This is definitely a minimalist design, shading towards the outright nondescript. Such is my own tendency; however I did set myself the goal of incorporating numerous elements that recur in your wardrobe, hopefully without replicating particulars.

The colors are typical but of a darker, richer shade. I've incorporated what I THINK is a new logo into the medallion and the stitching on the belt. The overall intended effect is evening casual, with slim expectation of a Computo attack.

Again, hardly adventurous, but you should have seen the concept I rejected for being way too fussy in the Perez tradition. Mr. Frenz would have no trouble with this one.

I look forward to your reactions!


P.S. The inclusion of Cootie is not meant to curry favor, mostly I just leapt at the opportunity to illustrate the little dickens.


In one word? Bangin'. This design may not be "adventurous" but from a design standpoint it's graphic and clean... and more importantly, it's visually striking. The handsome logo is new and to be honest it's worlds better than any one I've designed for myself. I dig the overall vibe of this look: simultaneously bad-ass and debonaire. As you know, I have no problem with bleaching my hair white (all over, heh-heh) and I like how the spiky, tousled hair is a youthful contrast with the "friendly" muttonchops, i.e. the type that join to a mustache. By completely exposing my chest -- and yet creating a visual "collar" via the chain -- and by shortening the sleeves, you've used my magnificently-furred skin as another design element... well done, sir! (And you certainly didn't neglect my nipples. They're large and in charge! Just like in real life!) I also appreciate the detail of the small buttons on the sleeves, which tie in with the same-size buttons or posts on the collar.

Good work, Chawunky! This one's another contender!


Anonymous said...

Thanks BB!

Anonymous said...

Bitchin'. I love that color combo.

Johnathan said...

Goes well with Cootie, too.

Anonymous said...

Thankee, y'all.

Anonymous said...

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