Monday, August 27, 2007

Start Your Mornings with Demitrius and the Slasher!


All that machinery... I think I just figured it out. That's not a getaway vehicle at all. Nope, Demitrius and the Slasher are two "wacky" DJ's and they're tooling around Washington (emphasis on "tool") in their tricked-out remote-transmitting Morning Money Machine Prize Van. Do you want to be a member of Slasher's Hard Rockin' Army? Just pick up a sticker at your local record shoppe or bail bonds office and plaster it on the back of your rusted-out Trans Am. Slasher and his goofball sidekick Demitrius -- and Kellie Rasperry prototype, Lucie (she's about as sour) -- are out on the road right this minute, looking for some lucky burn-out so they can give him a little book of restaurant coupons. (A $15.00 value!)


Anonymous said...

And now I'm imagining their turgid, melodramatically cliche dialogue punctuated by cartoony sound effects and muffled guffaws from the sound booth...

Anonymous said...

Just imagine. A mind as powerful as Demmy's, somewhere near the Capitol building.

Someone should tell them that you can't swing a drunken superhero without hitting someone as bright as these geniuses.

"In other news, his bill may not have passed, but Democrat John Melcher will be treating his buddies at Stuckey's tonight after a lunchtime encounter with Dancin' Fool Demetrius and the Slasher!"

Bill S. said...

"Lucie, show us your boobies... YOU FOOL!!" *insert flatulent sound effects and out-of-context Simpsons quotes here*

God, how I hate morning radio!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Chawunky: But then things get serious with a very special Long-Distance Dedication.

Anonymous: Stuckey's! I hope he orders something broasted. And then he can pick up a miniature license plate with his name on it.

Bill S.: ...And then it's time for the comedy stylings of the Crimson Dynamo!