Saturday, September 01, 2007

Extreme Blockadeover: Jonathan Munroe

Hey, Jeremy forwarded me another costume design! This one's from a Canadian gent named Jonathan Munroe, a.k.a. "Dr. Capitalism" if his e-mail address is to be believed. ("Dr. Capitalism"? Sounds like a Green Arrow villain.) Well, let's see what he dreamed up.

Blockade Boy's costume

Say...! Pretty snazzy! Check me out! I'm all steampunk 'n' shit! Nice. Jonathan writes:
I figured that you've been rocking the 'pirate of the sea' look for a while, so I figured that since you're likely to keep up the piracy itself you might be interested in a look based on a different kind of pirate. I decided to go with air pirate rather than software pirate, and so outfitted you in a leather flying helmet, goggles, a red leather flight jacket and gray wool leggings. Since the whole thing was looking a bit steampunk-ish, I went with a full-on handlebar mustache for the facial hair. Finally, since I agree with Dr. Tectonic about the need for some offensive weaponry to complement your defensive powers, I outfitted you with electricity-conducting gloves (which really should be covered in intricate brass detailing or something, but psh, who wants to do that in Photoshop on a Saturday?). Don't worry, though - they're completely Thirtieth Century. The sparks and dangling wires are all holographically generated in order to look impressive.
I like it. What really makes it work is the brass-plated technology on the gloves, and the ginormous handlebar (which I would totally consider wearing). This is good example of how you can take a sharp, classic outfit to the next level by adding the right accessories. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is how my hair looks under the helmet. Since we're going for a retro-future look, I presume it's short, and maybe parted down the middle. I'd also dye it purple to match the mustache, with a punkish lightning-streak of orange down one side. Also, what's all that stuff on the badge?

Blockade Boy's Logo

Interlac! Oh, I totally understand now, being fluent in the language myself, but, er, maybe you should tell my readers what it means! Yeah, that's the ticket. *flopsweats*
It's a horrible Interlac kludge that I enjoy very much: Blok with a c inside plus a d e.
I knew that.

Oh, and Jonathan included a drawing of me in action:

The other picture of Blockade Boy's Costume

I can only presume I'm electrocuting the bejeezus out of that "perp" because he's wearing short-shorts with long sleeves. "Eat electro-fist, deviant!"

Congratulations, Jonathan! This one's definitely in the running!


Skeleton Munroe said...

Okay - looking at this now I have to say two things: That badge is the nerdiest thing Ive ever done and the electrocution photo is possibly the quickest thing I've ever done in Photoshop. I didn't even colour the elbow.

Glad you like it!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Don't sweat it, buddy! I'm not judging any of these costumes based on artistic ability. As long as the contestant gets his/her idea across, that's all I care about. (Naturally, a stick figure is too basic, but beyond that I'm not a choosy guy.)

Anonymous said...

Steampunk will never go out of style.

Skeleton Munroe said...

It's true! Steampunk is eternal.

MaGnUs said...

I love it, I truly love this one.

Anonymous said...

Ain't nothin' wrong with a purple handlebar and some good steampunk goggles, boyee!

MaGnUs said...

You're inside Blok, the legionnaire?

Skeleton Munroe said...

I leave it up to you to determine how Blockade Boy got permission to use Blok's symbol (and to put things inside of it).