Friday, September 21, 2007

Blockade Boy Presents!

Brian "So Super Duper" Andersen likes my drawings of his characters so much, he's going to publish them in his next comic! Sweet! He even wanted a drawing of me introducing them! So here's a new pic of me in my Silvercat Designer Original, in Genial Presenter Mode. I'm suitable for any holovision documentary or awards spacecast! And I only had to redraw the head about thirty times! Also, my right thumb was supposed to be hooked over my belt but I completely forgot about that when it came time to ink th' dang thing! Because I'm a doofus! Unless...! *desperately tries to think of a way to blame this on Storm Boy, fails*

Nope, I'm a doofus, alright.


I'm also providing Brian with this lovely assortment of Blockade Boy heads, in which I display the full gamut of emotions (from "A" to "D").


Let's see... clockwise from upper left the emotions are:
  • Trying to charm a clerk at Old Space Navy into ringing up my purchase without sales tax
  • Enjoying a pleasant daydream and/or blowjob
  • Fielding yet another request by some old rich lady to tell her where I bought "those fetching fur-covered opera gloves" (i.e. my arms and hands)
  • Catching Storm Boy dancing to "Papa Loves Mambo"
At least, I think that's what I'm trying to convey. What do these Blockade Boy heads symbolize for you?


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I like the design, yet I can't help but feel just a little slighted that a few certain designs (four actually) didn't make it to the final. They didn't even make it to the competition!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon, since you used that private-pants "Heroes United" message system to send them to me, I figured you didn't want them to be made public. I would never snub you on purpose. Heck, I know you were the only person still giving me any kind of recognition at all towards the end of my run on "Next Top Hero" and I reciprocated by giving you my vote until "Jan" got knocked out of the contest as well. So I'm sorry for the mix-up but I hope you realize it wasn't intentional.

Anonymous said...

Love the faces.

Hnh. That comment seems oddly cryptic out of context.

Chance said...

Clockwise from upper left:

Proud. Having just been complimented on one of your designs.

Asleep. (I envision your sleep as utterly untroubled by thought.)

Suspicious. "Are those kids staring at my furry castle-shaped chest window?"

Mildly nauseous. "Are those... breasts coming out of that guy's... forehead?!"

Stephen R. said...

PAPA LOVES MAMBO. That just says it all right there!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...


I sent it via the HU because that's what I could access at work. Uh, you know Intergalctic Gladiator work.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Chawunky: Thanks!

Chance: Those also work. And you're right: I sleep the sleep of the fashionably just.

Stephen: Pretty much, yeah! I think Storm Boy still harbors the illusion that he's going to charm his way into being a twink/cub hybrid to my "Papa Bear." Poor deluded dope.

Jon: Heh! I'll go ahead and post those pictures this week. Also, to help make up for my mistake, I'd love to do a new picture of you in that costume I designed for you. Would that be cool? I've been wanting to for a while, anyway. The proportions kind of look "off" to me, and I think my artwork has improved since then. (Nepharia's drawing still looks great to me.) I can start work on it after I get done with the drawings I'm doing for Silvercat.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Hey, it's all good, BB. If you want to remake that costume, that is totally cool by me, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest, in similar clockwisedness:

- "Glad you could make it. On time would be better, sure, but now works, too. Jerk."

- "I'm actually glad you could make it." Or "playing hide and seek."

- "Shorts. And. Long. Sleeves."

- "Whatchu talkin' about, commenter?"

That exercise was all an excuse to mention that this style very much suits you. It's crisp and upbeat without looking goofy and manga-like. That's a sadly uncommon look, these days.

MaGnUs said...

I love the last one, you've not only caught Storm Boy dancing, you LIKE how he shakes his bootay!