Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Really, Really Remote Control


"...yOu wiLL NoT wAtcH thE tYRa BaNKs shoW wHILe yOu ArE on tHE iNtERCoM wITh mE, miStER KLinE...!" *CLICK!*

Okay, so this operation's mastermind -- hey! Is it Mastermind? ...Sorry, I don't know why I'm even getting worked up about this dumb story. Stockholm Syndrome, maybe? Or maybe I just like puzzles. Anyway, the bad guy whose voice sounds like warbled green smoke, apparently, has now implied to Mister Kline that if he knew the "overplan" (Gah! Freakin' Young Gerry Conway!) he might not be so cooperative. I know he's evil and all, but it seems like he's not a very effective manager. I'm pretty sure this kind of thing doesn't go on at FedEx, is what I'm saying. ("So what's in that human-sized crate you want me to move?" "You don't wanna know.")


Anonymous said...

the bad guy whose voice sounds like warbled green smoke

Maybe those "Truth" idiots can license the character. "A recent report notes that cigarettes not only cause cancer, but also force shadowy men to deploy jumpsuited vaguely-ethnic terrorists to undermine America's faith in construction companies using sonic weapons. Psychic lobster claws are also used to prevent interference by superheroes. Who's the villain now, fool?"

Bill S. said...

I think, based on the way he is smoking, that Mr. Kline is really Norma Desmond.