Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He Loves Only "Old Gold"


Another shocking twist! Or a shocking twist, anyhow... it turns out the criminal mastermind who controls Mister Kline's every move is... his cigarette! ("Your next assignment: go to the corner drugstore and pick up a pack of me!") Now the comic can end with Iron Man grinding the villain into an ashtray. And in the 90's, the arch-fiend can be resurrected as a piece of nicotine gum.

That hideous, lined face on the TV screen? Never mind that now. Mister Kline was just watching one of his soaps, from back in the days when they employed people over the age of forty.


Anonymous said...

But you just know the cigarette holder is the real power behind the real power behind Mr. Kline. Sounds like something Conway would do, anyway.

Anonymous said...

It comes as something of a relief to know that Mr. Kline hasn't the foggiest idea of what the story's about any more than we do.

I'd bet that the Voice of Smoky Jor-El doesn't know, either. He's just making stuff up and shouting down anybody who questions him. Typical manager.