Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Lady of "So Super Duper"

It's time for another So Super Duper costume redesign! Here's Fly-Girl, who I managed to really screw-up last time. I even got her name wrong! Because I'm a doofus! But at least I can draw pretty. If you give me enough time.


So here she is in all her Jennifer Lopez-inspired glory. Now I think about it, Jennifer Lopez was a "Fly Girl", on that old TV show "In Living Color." But that's just a weird coincidence. See, I like to design female super-costumes around real-world fashion elements, because it makes for more varied and flattering results. In Fly-Girl's case I was inspired by a picture of Jennifer Lopez in a long-sleeved top with her hair completely hidden by a scarf. I don't remember the color of it, but I'm pretty sure it was light. Fly-Girl has wind powers, so I made her costume an airy silver and sky blue, with a red hurricane symbol on her chest to focus the eye. And before any of you wiseapples tries to tell me it's a "target" I'd like to point out that she's going to be fighting in the out-of-doors, with the bright sun reflecting off all that silver, so anybody who tries to look directly at her will be blinded. There. Problem solved. Although her teammates might be screwed. Also, I decided to let Fly-Girl's hair stick out of the back of the scarf, to soften up her look and keep her from looking so formal/old/like some woman trapped in a creepy cult.

Update: Here's the photo that inspired the costume design. I found it on "Go Fug Yourself."


I guess it made more of an impression on me than I thought, because I even emulated Lopez's pose -- albeit from a different angle. And while I did use photo reference for the pose, it was from Buddy Scalera's "Comic Artist's Photo Reference People and Poses" (with guest author Greg Land, I shit you not). Only in the original photo, both of the model's arms were hanging at her sides, so I put one hand on her hip to make it more interesting. And now I know why!

Weird. That's what it is. Weird.

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Anonymous said...

Is truly like, gotta say. The attitude you caught in her pose is a good one too.