Sunday, September 16, 2007

Extreme Blockadeover: Phillip Ginder, Part Two

Phillip sent me a late entry, but since I'm not a total hard-ass I'm considering it anyway.

Phillip writes:
It's late, and I can't draw with a mouse (or a pencil, or a pen...) but here you go. The gloves might be a little too floppy, maybe. This is pretty much what I was thinking of, but now that I see it it looks... well, gay. In my mind it was butcher, somehow. I think I might have to re-evaluate my own wardrobe, now...
Aw...! I'm the one who might be wearing it, so I'll decide if it's not butch enough, Phillip.


Yeah, that's not butch enough.

I think the problem might be that there's too much crenelation. (Isn't that always the way--?) And maybe it's the scale of it, but it looks delicate, like a bric-a-brac trim from some grandma-infested fabric store.

I'll take, oh, around 30% of the responsibility for it not looking butch enough, though, because of the way I drew that blank form... I mean, the cocked hip, the eye-rolling... I might as well have drawn in a big speech balloon that said "HEL-LOOOO!!!" That's what I get for having Storm Boy model for me!


Phillip said...

Yeah, I guess it isn't quite as butch as I meant it. In my mind, the crenelation is chunky textured rubber, like they make running tracks out of. Maybe I should have drawn this on a HeroMachine blank. (Maybe I should have started this last week...)

By the way, you're certainly up early.

Anonymous said...

You can't have too much crenelation. It just isn't possible.