Monday, September 17, 2007

Well, THERE'S That Uncluttered Desk--!


Although it still looks a little messy to me... hang on. *sweeps back of hairy arm into telephone, knocking it onto floor* There. Now it's perfect. *sighs contentedly*

What, me have issues?

Anyway, not only can we finally see the top of that desk, but the whole room no longer has the spooky "Night Gallery" lighting going on... now that the Abominable Mister Kline is no longer in it! Nope, Mister Kline is like a Bizarro version of my dad, making sure that any time somebody leaves a room that they turn the lights on. ("Me am made of money, you don't know!") Because if there's anything that impresses people more than handling the delay causation of a personage, it's making sure that nobody can ever see your face, or your delicate, bird-like... ankles... holy shit.

I just figured out who Mister Kline really is! (And what he does in his "off hours", heh-heh...)



Anonymous said...

"Excellent! Your word-a-day calendar is progressing just as I had hoped, Kline."

"Delay causation." Sheesh.

Yeah, that phone really needs to go. Maybe it can go in the bottom drawer. Maybe the flute/peace-pipe thing that Kliney is fiddling with can go with it before someone makes a lewd comment.

By the way, I'm disappointed in you for not already providing the lewd comment. Well, not about whatever he's holding, at any rate.

Nate said...

Any time I wear a neckerchief out two-stepping, I get beaten.

Is it because I look so much like a real cow poke, rustlers are pre-emptively striking?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

So does Mr. Kline had a Jummy Olsen-type signale watch but instead of producing a ultra frequency signal tha only Superman can hear, it says "Excellent?"

Scipio said...

"Delay causation"?

What IS Gerry Conway's native language, anyway?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Anoymous: Nah, the cigarette holder joke was too easy. Although it took me a minute to find it in this panel (it reappears in the next one) and I had some Very Naughty Thoughts about where he might have stashed it.

Gyuss Baaltar: Do you wear your neckerchief with leather slippers and white socks? 'Cause that might be your problem right there.

Jon: Nope, but I bet Smithers does!

Scipio: I don't know, but I'm beginning to suspect it's not of this earth. Romulan, maybe? (Fun fact: Gerry Conway's native tongue has over three thousand different words for "fool.")

Dave said...

What is a reader supposed to make of those green speech balloons? The interpretation "sapient farts from Dimension X want to knock down buildings in Washington, D.C." makes as much sense as any.

Seriously -- what exactly is the bad guys' plan here? I ain't seeing it...

Jeremy Rizza said...

You had me at "sapient farts."