Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Ladies of So Super Duper (Well, Two of Them, Anyway)

Brian Andersen's "So Super Duper" has some solid costume designs, but I think some of the female characters could dress a little more... professionally. So with Brian Blessed -- er, I mean Brian's blessing -- I tried my hand at redesigning a few of the ladies' costumes! I worked on three of them but my "Sky Girl" picture turned out pretty effed-up looking, to be honest, and just as a good chef won't serve a meal that's sub-par, I'm not going to post it. (Seriously, she looked like Quasimodo, as played by Jennifer Lopez. It was a nightmare.)

But at least I can show you my designs for Sass and Tink!


Here's Sass, the team's super-tough strong lady. I gave her a semi-relaxed afro like Beyonce wore in that Austin Powers movie she did. The collar on the one-piece is based on real-world fashions. I wanted to make sure the bottom was cut low enough to be practical (i.e. it wouldn't ride up or require a bikini wax). Ladies, you'll have to let me know if I succeeded or not. There's a clasp/brooch on the waist where a belt buckle would be (one of my trademarks) and I added a short cape for the nostalgia factor and to give the eye a rest from all that purple. The clasps on the shoulders mirror the design of the "buckle."

I still have a lot of practicing before I can draw women as easily as men, so maybe Tink was easier for me because she's a fairy and I wasn't trying to make her face or bodily proportions as realistic-looking as I did with Sass.


I replaced Tink's cheerleader duds with a straight-up superhero costume because I liked the visual/conceptual contrast it made with her fairy body, wings and all. I gave her longer hair, styled how some of the retro pin-up gals like to wear it -- pinned back with two flowers in it. I continued the flower theme by putting a stylized lily on the bodice. And although Tink looks like a total ditz in "So Super Duper" I liked the idea that she might have a dark side, and that the airhead thing was all an act. That's why I drew the "mean" face in the lower left-hand corner. You don't want this thing angry with you. Trust me.

Oh, and about Sky Girl... you can find my idea of her new costume amongst my other scribblings right here... she's the gal in the J-Lo/Rhoda Morgenstern headwrap, with the hurricane symbol on her bosom.



Anonymous said...

Shoulder buckles are going to be all the rage this Fall, I hear.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Haw! Now my true motivation for my costume contest can be revealed: I'm stealing all your design ideas! (I'm the Carlos Mencia of fashion!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah? I dare you to steal my sleeveboots and barrel look.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you probably already see it, but if you reverse the "oncoming front" insignia, you get something that's less "yin and yang" and more "S," if that helps.

And I don't know the characters well enough to say if it works for her, but the Rhoda look almost seems like it could work.

Jeremy Rizza said...

"Barrel look"? You lost me on that one, Anonymous. Is that a crack about her figure? Or just a 21st Century fashion term I'm unfamiliar with?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I meant the huge holographic belt Bizarro Blockade Boy was using to cover your privates. Sort of barrel-like.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Tink. Even the full-color Tink's facial expression is less than comforting. Which is as it should be: The Fair Folk are needle-buryin' nutsy.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Anonymous: Oh! I get it now. Also, let's never speak of that again.

Chawunky: Heh. Thanks; that's exactly the vibe I was going for! I imagine Tink's people are like Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds": a rare, surprising treat to see when just one is glimpsed; a vision of pants-wetting terror when they're covering a jungle gym.

MaGnUs said...

Sass looks like one of Marge Simpson's sisters, but younger... and Tink's costume and look feel like Janet Pym... but tasteful.

Hey BB, can I get you to rescue Cyclone, who has a horrible costume, look, it consists of leggings, a gym top, and a drape.

I love the pattern on the leggings, and the fact that they are tigh-high, but the rest is horrible... and she dares go commando under the drape, instead of opting for some nice lyngerie....

It'd be nice if you'd apply your skills to giving her a new look.