Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ya Ya Dancer, Your Life Is Appalling

This week's "America's Next Top Model" was a clip show, albeit one with some previously unseen footage. It really brought back the memories. For example, I had forgotten how completely immobile Jennipher's face is. I did not, however, need to see Jay in drag again. Ye gods! But mostly this show was a showcase for Ya Ya's insufferable superiority complex. I guess I hadn't noticed it so much in the earlier episodes, but apparently she's been full of herself and condescending to everyone else since day one. The most telling bit of new footage showed a telephone call that Ya Ya made to her sister after the judging panel bitched her out over dissing a hat. Ya Ya sobs her heart out (and yet I'm strangely unmoved) and her sister tells her to "continue to bless people with your compassion and your wisdom." So apparently Ya Ya's entire family thinks its a bunch of freaking saints. I bet they have to call the plumber a lot, since they're all so perfect that they shit diamonds.

Next week: Norelle can't work a sliding door. Then her new girlfriend, Ann, smashes through it like the Incredible Hulk. (Just kidding about that last part.)