Friday, November 25, 2005

Off the Rack

Sorry about the long wait between posts, but I hope it will be worth it. I've been busy creating new costumes for my highest-profile client yet: Wonder Woman('s daughter, Fury)!!! I'll post those in just a few days. And to tide you over, here are two generic outfits I made for sale. And they sold! See, some people actually do like my costume designs. I guess they just don't like it when I tell them what's wrong with the clothes they're wearing at the time. Attention, dumbasses: I'm doing you a freaking favor! (clears throat) Sorry, got a bit off-track there. On to the outfits!

First up is your basic "omnipotent overlord" armor. I'm keeping one suit for myself, on the off chance that I ever get possessed by some ultra-powerful evil entity. (Heck, it happens to one of the X-Men every other Thursday.) You'll note I added an Interlac "B" to the helmet.
Dark Blockade Boy
Yes, it's the evil version of me, saying, "Stop in the name of Dark Blockade Boy, destroyer of worlds and monarch of all that is unholy! Hey, I said 'stop.' Wait, where are you going? Come back here right now or I'll, um, turn into a really big steel wall! ...Aw, the heck with it." (Granted, it's not much of a battle cry.) I sold one of these babies to the Toad, who figured all his leaping and gadding about would look much more imposing in a suit of armor with a huge holographic purple flame around it. I must admit I have my doubts.

Ooh, here's a good one!
It's a paramilitary number with a spot for "your super-logo here" on the vest. The kicker is the Tron-style metal gauntlets which project energy in both shield and "vibro-force" configurations. Yes, whether you're a patriotic super-hero or a faceless henchman, you can kick ass in style! Mask sold separately! (That's where you can really make a profit: accessories!) The Taskmaster ordered three hundred of these, but a week later he tried to reduce that number to twelve. Apparently most of his men had been defeated by Captain America (That bitch again?!) and now they're in a S.H.I.E.L.D. concentration camp or something. Hey, maybe I should design prison uniforms!