Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Post-Traumatic Banner Disorder

civil stalag

I'm not kidding. That's me, right behind him, there! I think I look very handsome and rugged, in a "Moose" from Archie Comics kinda way. I know... you're wondering, "What happened to your sweet-ass goatee and muttonchops?" *sigh* Long story.

Cool cat Tom Foss has links to even more Civil War parody banners on his blog.


Tom Foss said...

That's actually one of the comics that my mom owned, which I got to read as a kid. I must have read that tale of three-eyed Nardo and fat Matter-Eater Lad a hundred times.

Bully said...

I love M-E Lad. The "Five Year Gap" Tenzil was what made me sit up and take notice of him (actual silliness and goofiness in a LSH comic? Breath of fresh air) but the heart of him exists in those old cheerful Silver Age stories.

Long live Bismoll!

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing a optical illusion where Tenzil's elbow & forearm become his hip & thigh--and his shoulder patch becomes the black void where his arm was formerly attached. Then I realize the perspective is all wrong for that to be the case and I'm better.