Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rescue Me: Steeplejack II

Hey there, everybody! It's me, Blocked Boy... er, I mean, "Blockade Boy." Sorry this took so long. I was worried I was starting to repeat myself with my costume designs, and it took forever to push through my creative block. So this will be a catch-up weekend for me. I'll post my Grunge-to-Rockabilly design either tonight or tomorrow. My big Thor post will be Monday. They're already designed, so all I have to do is draw them. After that I might back off the artwork posts a tad -- say, only once or twice a week, with my old wise-ass commentary on the other days.

So, by the special request of commenter Simon, I tackled Steeplejack 2. How could I have guessed he'd be my biggest design challenge ever? I knew right away I wanted to get him out of that stupid green bodysuit. And the Golden Age Flash rip-off helmet was a goner (just like Steeplejack 2, heh-heh) along with the meaningless pocket-tastic harness doohickey. But beyond that? My first instinct was to armor the bejeezus out of him but I've done that way too much lately. And I liked the bearish vibe of the meaty, slablike original, but I didn't want to just copy that look, either. I was stuck.

And then I remembered how much I liked the Wrecking Crew. Particularly Bulldozer. And I decided to put him in more of a regular supervillain costume, but with my trademark Blockade Boy twist.


I love to combine old-fashioned super-costume elements with street clothes -- as you can see from my current costume. Steeplejack 2 was a perfect candidate for that look. So I dressed him in a leather outfit that simulates the look of rusting, riveted steel. The trousers have that plunging waistline I like so much. (I just can't seem to help myself on that score.) Then I gave him a genny-ine hardhat and a flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off, to give him the flavor of a regular "Joe Lunchpail" type.

But I see some of you have raised your hands. To answer your unspoken protests, yes, I know this Maxwell Plumm person is a sleazy businessman and about the furthest thing away from a working stiff, like, ever. Relax. I got you covered. I've an idea that would have reinvigorated the Steeplejack concept and given it some longevity. Howsabout... he "gets religion" and becomes a hardcore, radical socialist? And his modus operandi becomes violent "home invasions" of sky-high penthouses, wherein he takes small valuables like jewelry and then trashes the place before he leaves? He could put the loot in a lunchbox with a magnetized base so it stays stuck to the girder. And then he uses the money to fund various radical causes. Voila. Instant Captain America villain. Think of the havoc he could wreak at a WTO protest! Oh, and howsabout... he travels around on a flying girder? (pauses, waits for delighted applause to die down) He could use the girder to smash through windows and to batter his foes. How would that work, precisely? It could be controlled with hidden foot-pedals, or maybe he has a psychic link to it or it's just magic (paging the Enchantress!) or sumpin'. Y'know, if he was in the DC universe it would be a snap -- the girder would just be constructed of Nth Metal or whatever the hell Braniac 5 made those flight rings out of. For Marvel? I dunno. I just think it would be an incredible visual -- plus it would be quirky and interesting enough that your typical idea-starved Marvel editor would think twice before deciding to off the guy.

But I guess it's too late for that, huh?


Anonymous said...

Considering that the aforementioned Wrecking Crew all got their powers via Loki in some form or fashion (gotta love enchanted crowbars), an Asgardian-mojoed girder isn't outlandish in any way, shape, or form.

And while I adore your socio-political revamp of his origin, you could've just saved time and said, "The Village People royalties just ain't what they used to be," and left it at that.

Chance said...

This design --- and I man this in the most complimentary way --- is your gayest ever.

Anonymous said...

So "Blockade Boy twist." means:

"Strong gust of wind away from nippolooza"

Anonymous said...

Brilliant reimagining of an old, obscure character...once again! Wow, you have such a knack for this. I like the new background and the flying girder idea. I've always thought this villain had too cool a name to be made so lame and then die by the hand of Scourge. But then again, when you look at the names of Scourge's victims (Blue Streak, Wraith, Melter, Hijacker, Death Adder, Titania, Mind-Wave, Cyclone), cool names were no barrier to being PUM-SPAKKED into oblivion. Just lame costumes, origins, and two or three appearences.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Thing: *cue percussion-heavy stripper music*

Chance: Heh. If I had my 'druthers, every superhero would look like a coverboy for "American Bear Magazine" but I do my best to reign in that impulse. Most of the time.

Mallet: I prefer "nipplemania" or "nipplecopia" or perhaps "nipplefest '06" but your term works great, too.

Anonymous: Thanks! That's my philosophy right there; all those guys were like homeless, runty li'l puppies just waiting for the right person to groom them into terrifying attack dogs. (Heartwarming!)